Sadira is a Fine artist, illustrator and graphic designer who holds a BFA in Comunication Arts and Design.

Sadira~the artist nickname is a mix of her first and last name when she found signing it on a canvas to be too complicated. Her painterly style is a blend of her passion for storytelling writing as well as classical mythology and romanticism. Her knowledge of history and anatomy add a sense of realness to the enchanted worlds she paints. Her inspirations are derived from her love of Nature and the spiritual beauty she finds in it everyday.

Experienced traditional illustrator with seven years of success working in a professional industry developing the freelance company ©. With a thorough understanding of design programs, traditional methods, and the ability to materialize my clients' visions, enabled me to grow as a top notch designer.My goal is to constantly improve my knowledge in a growing creative field, continue to learn and develop creative solutions.


Sadira is open to commision/custom pieces as well as freelance projects. To contact her this or with requests for any prints or original paintings please email at